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Who Is the Soul Collector?

First off I want to start off by saying that there is more than one Soul Collector. Many people call him "The Hat Man" and usually he is mis-labeled as a Shadow Person or something demonic. They are neither. The Soul Collector is an Earthbound Spirit that "tricks" other Earthbounds into "working for him". In essence, he promises them something in return for working for them. An example would be a husband who has died and is concerned with his wife's well-being. The Soul Collector would promise the man that he would take care of his wife in exchange for working for him/doing his bidding. Of course he does not explain what this "work" is, but rather preys on the fact that this man is distraught and wants to ensure his wife is okay no matter what the cost. Once the "contract" with him has been signed, the "victim" feels as though they are trapped.

The Soul Collector's work takes on various forms. Mainly it is to ensure that others do not cross into the light and to keep as much light from shining as possible. Sometimes this means attaching to a living being and causing problems. Sometimes this means acting as someone else, for example as someone's loved one in order to cause chaos.

The Soul Collector is a fabulous trickster and master in the art of being a chameleon. They can seem sweet and charming when they need to or sinister and dark when it's called for. They are master manipulators and feel no regret.

The truth of the matter is however, that these are just Earthbounds and therefore at some level they are doing this because of pain they feel themselves. Earthbounds choose not to go into the light for various reasons, but the one I have found to be most prevalent is they feel they aren't worthy of Heaven and are afraid of being judged. So, the Soul Collector most likely fits into that category, and added on top of that, was probably very manipulative when they were alive, so this role is easy for them.

I want to make sure it's clear that an Earthbound is NOT demonic, although they can "employ" demonic entities. They themselves are NOT demonic and thus not as sinister as they have been portrayed. Click next to read more about Soul Collectors, what they look like and how to deal with them.